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General situation and market analysis of industrial laser products

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        Laser has the characteristics of high coherence, directionality, high strength, it's very easy to get very high flux density, strong laser beam is focused onto the medium, using laser beams and matter interaction process to change the material properties, which are the laser processing. Laser processing technology with the development of light, mechanical, electrical, materials, computer, control technology has gradually developed into a new processing technology. Laser processing has the processing object is broad, small deformation, high precision, save energy, small pollution, remote processing, automatic processing of significant advantages, to improve product quality and labor productivity, process automation, eliminate pollution, reduce material consumption, the increasingly important role. Laser processing are mainly used in electronics, automobile, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, light industry, medical equipment, packaging, gift industry, watches, explosive, clothing, cosmetics, tobacco, aerospace and other industries and application scope is more and more expanded, has been widely used in laser drilling, laser texturing, laser cutting, laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser marking, laser engraving etc.. 1999 world laser product sales of about $40 billion, or about 4 billion 900 million yuan. From 1996 to 2000, sales of global laser processing system with 13% average annual growth rate of growth, and semiconductor laser, full solidified solid state lasers, excimer laser processing system grew even faster, up to 23%, which reflects the microelectronics industry, communication industry and micro opto electro mechanical body system development needs very new processing methods to meet the needs of manufacturing. From the point of view of the application of laser processing system and application in 1999 as an example: 30% of sales for laser cutting, 29% for laser marking, 15% for laser micro machining, 13% for laser welding and other applications accounted for 9%.
        Due to the different development of industry in different countries, the application of laser processing system is not the same as the industrial field. The United States, Japan is processing is widely used in the country; South Korea is one of the microelectronics industry is developing very fast, YAG laser machining system of industrial enterprises in 1996 to buy a total of 426 sets, which serves as laser marking for 121 units; China Taiwan industrial enterprises in 1996 purchase of YAG laser processing system a total of 169 sets, which 113 is laser marking machine; in other parts of Asia (Singapore) industrial enterprises purchased 80 sets of YAG laser processing system in 60 units for laser marking. The application of laser marking is closely related to the development of the electronic industry in these regions. China's laser processing system market also with the development of the national economy increased year by year, 1998 about 19 billion yuan, especially YAG laser processing system than last year increased by 60.7%, the main reason for the rapid growth is YAG laser welding machine, laser marking system has been the rapid application, the main market is laser marking of battery laser sealing and electronic components. The rapid development of China's electronic industry has brought a great boost to the laser processing industry in China. As shown in table 1.

Table 11998 the application of laser processing in China
application area
Proportion of
laser cutting
Laser heat treatment
Laser marking
Laser welding
Laser drilling
Other aspect

        In 1998 in China with annual sales of 1.9 billion yuan RMB, and abroad in 1998, total sales of $4.3 billion ($352 billion yuan) comparison. The results showed that laser processing system of traditional industries for technological transformation have considerable space by China's important industrial fields. However, without the use of advanced laser manufacturing system, it is difficult to deal with China's entry into the WTO of foreign products to the Chinese market impact. From the market development also fully shows that China's laser processing system has considerable room for development, it is worth the attention of the industry.
        At present, the domestic production of lasers and laser application equipment of about 100 units, mainly in Hubei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangdong and Xi'an and other regions. In the laser processing equipment to the output value, CO2 laser processing equipment in the laser processing equipment, the largest market share, followed by YAG solid laser, laser cutting / welding equipment mainly rely on the introduction. Import mainly for large power CO2 cutting / welding system. To June 1999, our country have fast axial flow kW CO2 laser 238, 222 CNC processing machine, a total amount of $2 billion, which imported laser have 181 units accounted for 76%, and imports of processing machine for 219 and Taiwan accounted for 58%. In the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology at the same time, we have also developed their own products. Sales from 1991 to 1998 with an average annual rate of 40%, is expected in 2002 the amount of laser processing equipment is 4 billion yuan. At present, the laser processing equipment industry of our country is gradually becoming mature. The
        Diode pumped solid-state laser technology and mature, is a revolution in the field of solid state lasers, development direction is also a solid laser, the laser technology and industry is developing towards the full curing, short wavelength, micro machining and high reliability direction. The world famous laser company Rofin-Sinar sales of laser processing equipment, 60% has been a diode pumped solid state laser. Development of diode pumped solid state laser and solid state laser processing equipment, suitable for market needs and Technological Development trend. In April 2001 by Guangtong Photoelectric System Co., Ltd. developed China's first high-power full solidified solid laser in Wuhan through the identification of new products and new technology. Subsequently, the company promulgated the enterprise standard of the related high power all solid state laser, and put into the scale of production, indicates that China, which has high power diode pumped solid state laser manufacture and application of technology has reached the international level.

Two, the main industrial laser product overview
    At present, in our country the research has developed with independent intellectual property rights of the series of industrial lasers, such as laser welding machine, marking machine, cutting machine, engraving machine etc., type of laser used for CO2 or YAG solid laser, basically meet the needs of the market. Wuhan, Optics Valley, China has about 30 enterprises engaged in the production of industrial laser products, its product variety, technology in the country's leading, is the most important industrial laser products in China production base.
(1) laser marking machine
Laser marking is the most advanced technology of industrial product marking at present. When the laser marking is not in contact with the workpiece, the workpiece surface does not produce any mechanical deformation, high speed marking can be achieved online real-time marking in the production line. The marking with high precision, processing speed is fast, and other unique advantages, in the plane, arc and flying object print various characters, symbols, patterns, serial number, two-dimensional bar code and code, especially for hard, brittle, soft products. Has been widely used in electronic industry, automobile industry, medical products, hardware tools, household electrical appliances, daily necessities, tag technology, aerospace industry, identification cards, jewelry processing, instrumentation and signage. Typical applications include all kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials and products surface marking, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, organic glass, ceramics, plastics, synthetic materials, wood, rubber, leather, paper products, capacitors, inductors, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, electrical access card, various types of instrumentation and control panel, buttons, cosmetics packaging, food packaging, stationery, arts and crafts, cigarette, detonators, bearing, gear, piston ring.
In the laser marking machine, the main use of carbon dioxide laser, light pump Nd:YAG laser and diode pumped solid state laser. Our country can produce the above laser, but the domestic carbon dioxide laser and laser diode can not reach the requirement of industrialization. Some of the key components in the marking machine, such as the Q switch and the scanning motor are mainly imported, but the domestic laser marking machine can basically meet the requirements of industrial use. Guangtong Photoelectric System Co., Ltd. is the production of YAG laser marking machine is applied in China Hong Kong joint venture Fujian Hing Electronics Co., Ltd., instead of the company from Germany imported laser marking machine, use effect is superior to that of the imported laser marking machine. Estimated annual domestic laser marking machine market capacity of about 2000 units per year, about 3 to 500 million yuan.
(2) laser welding machine
The laser has good monochromatic, direction, coherence and aggregation properties. Very suitable for welding processing, by the laser power control and pump pulse xenon lamp, resonant cavity produce certain power and energy of pulsed laser beam through beam expanding focusing optical system for irradiating welders, to melt and to achieve the purpose of welding. Laser welding process can transfer to the workpiece higher than the energy density of 10KW/mm2, it can form a deep and wide, small hole shape of the fusion depth. The liquid weld pool is generated by the radiation absorption of the laser welding, and the welding pool is made up to the ideal size, and then the molten pool is moved along the solid interface to eliminate the initial gap between the welding machine components and form a high quality welding seam. At present, the laser welding machine mainly uses high power CO2 laser and pulsed Nd: YAG laser, using optical fiber coupling or optical focusing lens, easy to use, laser head can be far away from the weld zone, laser performance is stable and reliable, long life, has been widely used in laser processing workshop and automatic production line industries, including electronics, aerospace, chemical, hardware etc., welded materials and products, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, pressure vessel, tantalum capacitors, electron gun, lithium ion battery, pressure sensor, optical fiber coupling device, aerospace with all kinds of metal seal boxes or containers and so on. Estimated the domestic market capacity of about 800 units per year, the value of about 2 to 300 million yuan.
(3) laser cutting machine
Laser cutting is a high energy laser beam which is used for melting or vaporization of the work piece, and the auxiliary gas can be blown out to form a cut. Laser cutting is one of the most mature and widely used laser processing technology in laser processing. Laser cutting has the following advantages: narrow kerf width, cutting material savings, you can also do not penetrate the blind grooves are cut; can easily cut the fragile, brittle, soft and hard materials and synthetic materials; high speed cutting; no tool wear; easy to control or computer control; low noise, pollution-free. At present, the laser cutting machine mainly uses high power carbon dioxide laser and Nd:YAG laser, using computer CNC software to control the motion of the workpiece or laser beam, and with high pressure gas. In foreign countries, the main use of high power axial flow CO2 laser, and the domestic axial flow CO2 laser power is generally lower than 2000 Watts, so most of the use of high power cross flow carbon dioxide laser plus the selection mode technology. Laser cutting technology has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, iron and steel metallurgy, gift manufacturing and aerospace and other industries, suitable for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel and other metal and plastic, organic glass, wood, printed circuit boards and other non-metallic materials. Estimated market capacity of about 80 units per year, the value of about 1.5 to 200 million yuan.
(4) laser engraving machine
Laser engraving machine is usually by carbon dioxide laser, special laser engraving software, automatic control systems, and precision machinery, belong to low price of high-tech laser products, computer typesetting, laser engraving, various fonts, high degree of automation, with engraving speed fast, the unique advantages of convenient operation. Widely used in the production of the seal, medals trophies, gift and advertising industry, such as on the top of the horn, plastic, organic, wood, storage ink pad, atomic seal, rubber materials and engraving all kinds of seals; engraving, cutting all kinds of signs; in the bamboo or wood engraving all kinds of text and graphics. The domestic closure from carbon dioxide laser although the life is short, but the price is only about 10% of the foreign similar products, product performance, can basically meet the requirements of the market, so the laser engraving machine still got the most widely used, especially in the seal industry. Estimated market capacity of about 4500 units per year, the value of about 100 million yuan.
In addition to the above four basic industrial laser products, laser heat treatment and laser drilling machine, etc.. According to the object in the use of laser equipment, there are many corresponding professional models, such as button special laser marking machine, special laser coding machine for detonator, bearing special laser coding machine, special laser crystal play marking machine, liner and the special laser heat treatment machine.
Although China's industrial laser products and the market has been a great development, but there are some problems. Such as rush to produce a class or a product, resulting in product price deviates from its value, the market confusion, lack of R & D funds investment; technology progress than other countries; components rely on imports; lack of effective measures for the protection of intellectual property rights. However, laser products and applications have been deep into all walks of life, millions of households, to become the most popular in the new century, the most promising technology and industry.

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