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Imported radio frequency tube laser marking machine 30W


  • Introduction
  • Configure
  • Characteristic
  • Parameter
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  • Brief introduction: Laser generator: Imported RF metal tube laser generator from US, stable light-output, low failure rate, long life, the costs of use and maintenance are very low · Software uses Windows interface, compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCAD, PhotoShop and other software output files, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other format files, direct use SHX, TTF font; · Support automatic encoding, print serial number, batch number, date, bar code, two-dimensional code, automatic jump number, etc; ·To Design any graphics text by computer, flexible and convenient, no printing consumables, low processing cost; · Non-toxic laser marking , no deformation, no pollution, wear resistance
  • Main configuration: A. US SYNARD30W laser. B. Electrical and optical systems use devices that meet international safety standards C, OUYA high-speed scanning galvanometer D, configure the original galvanometer driver E, configure the original galvanometer power supply F. High-precision anti-interference electrical system G. Power System for Powering CO2 Lasers H. Domestic Industrial Control Computers I, laser professional development and design of marking software
  • ◆ Equipment configured imported RF laser generator, with ligh-output stability and other characteristics; Fast marking speed,strong cutting ability, high precision, good effect. ◆ Imported RF laser generator, strong cutting ability, especially for the leather drilling. ◆ High-performance professional industrial control-computer, make the operation more stable without worries ◆ Genuine marking machine software, to achieve the editing function of graphics and text. ◆ Use the red light positioning system, make the processing accurate, not easy to produce waste. ◆ Fast cutting speed, large format, to meet the requirements of high standard ◆ Equipped with three-dimensional dynamic focus system, the processing area is adjustable according to the needs.

  •  Technical Parameters:
    Marking area: 175*175MM (optional)
    Focal length: 250-300mm
    Response time: 0.8ms
    Laser wavelength: 10.6um
    Minimum line width: 0.1mm
    Carving line speed: 7000mm/s (maximum)
    Minimum character: 0.3mm
    Pulse frequency: 20KHZ
    Output power: 30W

  • 1 is mainly used for all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials and processing of traces.
    2 widely used in electronic communications, home appliances, watches, glasses and sanitary equipment, medical equipment, instruments, tools and other metal industries

  • Applicable industries: Widely used in wood, leather, food, plastics, fabrics, electronics, wood, instrumentation, communications equipment, packaging and other industries, and can be combined with the production line for marking on the production line.
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