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Wood paper

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In the traditional mechanical processing, wood and paper using traditional grinding wheel, machinery and cutting tool processing tool for cutting or engraving, long tool wear is more serious, the transformation pattern need making different pattern template, time-consuming and laborious. The processing effect is not very satisfactory. Using laser machinery we developed, the above problems can be smoothly done or easily solved. Laser cutting is no contact process, to avoid the problem of tool wear, machining edge clean, tidy, more can ensure uniform, excellent processing quality. Laser machines are easy to maintain and long life, low maintenance cost. In addition to wood, paper cutting, carving patterns and characters on the surface by using laser technology, complex carving patterns, making arts and crafts, packing box logo, than in the past the mimeograph in equipment the more provincial capital, ensure pattern and text is not easy to wear and tear.

Recommended models SUNY1080 SUNY960 SUNY1280 (working table, a large one-time material area)

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