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Cloth leather

Source:   Time:2016-03-31   Edit:SunyLaser

The biggest problem in the process of fabric leather is Jiao and Huang, through the continuous research of our professional team, technical innovation, the former troubled laser industry, the problem has been a perfect solution. We adopt the high-speed scanning galvanometer, British ceramic light gathering cavity and the laser rod, high scanning precision, fast speed, stable performance, has a long time of continuous work, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high power laser, the energy can be controlled by the electric current, software, continuously adjustable. The laser knife head is not in contact with the work piece, and the surface of the laser cutter can not be scratched. In the process of high speed cutting, the laser intensity is constant, which ensures the consistency of the machining depth. For very high precision cutting, engraving, is not beyond the manual and machinery. Its work efficiency is high, the beam quality is good, the energy is big, both can continuously output and can pulse output.

Recommended models SUNY1280 (working table, a large one-time material area)CO2 SUNY marking machine (for cloth and leather surface cleaning).

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