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Establish brand awareness and increase market competitiveness

Source:   Time:2012-05-05   Edit:Sun Jiguang

In the modern commodity type and quality of convergence of market environment, the nature of competition is brand competition, how to create a strong brand is every enterprise must face and brand formation includes two aspects, on the one hand is the brand the widespread awareness, on the one hand is brand's strong centripetal force.
    Although China has become the world manufacturing base of CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, but most of the domestic products of the vast majority there is no brand or brand-name products, with CNC developed countries such as Germany, South Korea, the United States and other cutting machine products compared to still have a large gap, I have the competitive advantage in the international market depends on the price low win, value is very low, this year with Japan and South Korea's 60-70 CNC cutting machine industry development stage is similar, but we cannot rely on long-term low price or OEM, must carry out industrial upgrading to meet market demand, in recent years, many developed countries CNC cutting machine products to entrust us to that processing, China's CNC cutting machine manufacturing level is not low, the key is the lack of brand awareness, but the lack of in the world Famous brand products.

    As the CNC cutting machine CNC cutting machine market is a direct window for the development of the industry, plays a leading role in the industry trend, the Asahi young people with an international perspective to the development of the market, let us business products to participate in international market competition environment to guide their products into the international market, every year in Tianjin City CNC cutting machine industry import and export amounted to billions of dollars, mostly into Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa countries and regions, the North China CNC cutting machine city will make full use of the advantages of Tianjin international port, cutting machine industry development to the high-end brands of CNC CNC cutting machine guide, the formation of some national brand products, CNC to become a modern, professional and international logistics headquarters base cutting machine.

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