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Laser cutting machine to create home colorful lighting

Source:   Time:2017-05-18   Edit:SunyLaser

"Lights" light up our colorful lives and play an important role in modern home life. The name for the Norway forest (NorwegianForestLights) lighting, designed by Norway designer CathrineKullberg, laser engraving on the surface of birch pine forest and animal, light, thick as the Nordic style alive, in front of you shine.
This is the famous "GarlandLight", with sophisticated laser cutting technology, so that the original hard metal suddenly become full of vitality of the design through the lines, light changes, showing the feeling of a tangle of branches, flowers and set off. The effect in the dark or the window is quite different. The metal is hollowed out, and the shape and size can be freely played with.
From Germany fifti-fifti creative studio, changeable lamp (Take-offLight) lamp is two by laser cutting technology for processing of the paper, we can decide where to cut, and where not to move it, thus producing a shape to an almost infinite light.
3D bulb made of wood with a flat shape / bamboo shell formed after cutting, seemingly complex cutting / shade felt fabrics shade reveal light interaction effect of laser etching / cube from within different light irradiation / metal laser cutting delicate five angle to create a complex and accurate personality lampshade.
Italy life Home Furnishing brand Offiseria days before the invitation of Italy design studio MarioAlessiani to design a Vela lamp series of sailing for it, only use the processing mode of folding and laser cutting, created a simple metal structure. According to the Offiseria's low cost requirements, designers use the barrel structure of laser cutting of the bulb is fixed in position, and then to adjust the configuration of alloy sheet small light propagation direction, eventually showing a stable light lamp structure of a minimalist.
The continuous development of laser cutting technology makes possible the appearance of different shapes of lighting art! This greatly enriched our lives, home is more symbolic modernization, so that people enjoy the United states!

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