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Behind the fashion bag, leather laser cutting machine silently support!

Source:   Time:2017-05-18   Edit:SunyLaser

A stylish bag can be used not only to store items, but also highlight the personality and taste, is the effect that make the finishing point for your dress up. So, do you know how your beloved handbag was born? That's right. It's the leather laser cutter. First of all, let's go through the latest LOEWE new Hammock handbags!

1, will be composed of bags, each part of the proportion, size, graphics, through software mapping, and then use the extremely accurate leather laser cutting machine processing, all leather materials will be perfect cut.
2, the edge of the cloth bag and modified inlay, usually modified edge of the edge, dyeing, sewing, edge up. Seemingly simple, but difficult and lengthy process.
3, parts and components of glue and glue it.
4, a form and functional fashion bag was born.
5, this type of hand bag, all the hardware, interior and detail by craftsmen manual completion, but most of the bags in the market after leather laser cutting machine after cutting material, can be directly sewing machine sewing machine up.
6, as people chasing fashion pace also more quickly, luggage market closely follow the trend of the times the pace in the high-tech leather laser cutting machine with the help of continuous innovation, more diverse types of bags, such as hollow, carved the process. So, in recent years, leather laser cutting machine in the bag market so popular? What's the difference between it and traditional machining?
Traditional processing methods of luggage:
The leather shop on the machine table board, and then placed in the skin on the selected knife mold parts, the cutting device of machine by the hydraulic system pressure to move downwards; impact cutter, knife edge straight cut leather, cutting the cutting end; a leather parts, need to manually move the knife die and hides, and then proceed to the next cut.
Leather, laser cutting machine, processing bags:

The NC programming and the use of laser irradiation to the processing of energy is highly concentrated in a short period of time, the moment makes the material melt and vaporization, by the method of leather laser cutting machine for non-contact on clothing paper templates, PVC board, trademark, leather and other materials for high speed cutting, hollow, refractory, deformation of the workpiece in order to solve the difficulties.
Obviously, the traditional processing methods need to consume a lot of manpower and material resources, while the leather laser cutting machine is more time-saving and labor-saving. There are many kinds of laser processing equipment suitable for the processing of bags and markets, which meets the processing requirements of various materials such as cloth, leather and so on. It also supports the perfect display of each fashion bag!

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