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Relationship between laser cutting machine and circulation water protection

Source:   Time:2017-05-18   Edit:SunyLaser

Laser cutting machine is used to cut light, reflected light is lit by laser power of carbon dioxide gas, carbon dioxide gas in the glass tube inside, we on this glass tube commonly known as laser tube.
In the light of the laser tube, it will emit heat, if no cooling glass encountered in high temperature, it will burst, so the laser tube is divided into two layers, one layer of carbon dioxide gas, another layer is provided with water, which water is used to cool the laser tube, laser light emitting tube in time what if the water circulation, if the laser tube in the light when the laser tube inside the water flow, water temperature will rise very high, directly will burst laser tube. Water tank nozzle, if necessary, should be provided with pipe support; the expansion, contraction and vibration of the welded pipe must be fitted with flexible flexible joint.
A cylindrical stainless steel tank to light moving light, laser cutting body chassis such as scratches, scratch will appear rust. The water tank, such as the roof, must be equipped with lightning protection facilities. At the same time, the water tank into the hole don't open, to prevent the water from pollution two, in addition, stainless steel water tank general annual need cleaning, maintenance of two times (the proposed water purification equipment installed in the water tank), in order to keep the tank clean, protect the water tank. Laser cutting machine should use soft cloth to wipe after waxing.
The tripod tank shall be placed in strong local formation, and fixed with screws or cement, near wall installation, additional safety net, to prevent the corrosion of tripod or high winds cause accidents, water horse need regular maintenance, the need to re found rust rust, serious change. In the regular cleaning or other construction, shall not use hard objects (such as steel wire, metal hammer etc.) the impact of the surface, to prevent injuries to "blunt film", accelerate the corrosion degree.
Laser cutting machine circulating water heating too fast? The reasons for this problem are generally:
1, laser cutting machine work environment temperature is relatively high.
2, laser work light intensity is too big.
3 、 laser cutting machine continuous working time is too long. Take proper downtime.
4, the cooling water outlet pipe return is not normal, resulting in water flow is not smooth enough.
5, the water pump inlet and outlet pipe dirty, water protection plug phenomenon, so that the flow of water is not smooth.
6, the submersible pump water output and water pressure is not normal.
So the laser cutting machine is equipped with a water tank protection in normal working condition, the laser cutting machine to light, if there is no water tank, water pump, laser tube is not allowed to light, otherwise the laser tube is burst.

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