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Operating the laser cutting machine requires attention to 14 details

Source:   Time:2017-05-18   Edit:SunyLaser

Laser cutting is achieved by using high power density energy generated by laser focusing. Under the control of the computer, through the pulse of the laser discharge, high pulse repetition frequency to output controlled laser, the formation of a certain frequency, the beam pulse, the pulse laser beam through the optical transmission and reflection and the focusing lens group focusing on processing objects on the surface, forming a high energy density fine and the spot, the focal spot is located in the vicinity of the surface to be processed, the instantaneous high temperature melting or vaporization of the material to be processed.
A high energy laser pulse instantly put surface sputtering a tiny hole, under the control of the computer, the laser processing head and the material to be processed continuously according to the relative motion dot painted graphics, this will put the object processed into the desired shape.
Laser cutting equipment at work, if the failure is very dangerous, the novice must be trained by professionals to operate independently, the following to learn the laser cutting machine safety work in 13 details.
1. comply with general cutting machine safety operation rules. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser startup program.
2. operators must be trained, familiar with the structure of equipment, performance, master the operating system related knowledge.
3. wear protective articles in accordance with the regulations, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements of the laser beam.
4. do not process the material until it is known whether a material can be irradiated or heated by laser, so as to avoid the potential danger of smoke and vapors.
5. when the equipment is in operation, the operator shall not leave the post or the trustee without permission. If it is necessary to leave, stop or cut off the power switch.
6. place fire extinguishers wherever possible; turn off the laser when not working; do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable material near unprotected laser beams.
7. in the process of processing abnormalities, should immediately stop, timely troubleshooting or report to the competent staff.
8. keep the laser, the lathe bed and the surrounding site clean and orderly, free of oil pollution, and the work pieces, plates and waste materials shall be piled up according to the regulations.
The use of 9 cylinders, should avoid crushing welding wire, so as to avoid leakage accident. Gas cylinders shall be used and transported in accordance with the gas cylinder surveillance regulations. No gas cylinders are allowed to explode in the sun or near the heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.
10. maintain high voltage safety regulations when repairing. Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, every 1000 hours or six months of maintenance, according to the regulations and procedures.
11., after starting the manual, low-speed, X, Y direction to start the machine, check to confirm whether the abnormal situation.
12. after entering the new workpiece program, it should be run first and check its operation.
13., work, pay attention to observe the operation of machine tools, so as not to cut the machine out of the range of effective travel or two sets of collisions, causing accidents.
14., set the continuous work, please pay attention to the time interval, to avoid duplication of processing, resulting in defective products.

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