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Laser cutting machine, cutting density board, two or three things

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Q: can laser cutting machine cut the density board?
Answer: laser cutting machine can cut the density board. But because of the different density of the boards, not every kind of density board can be cut with a laser machine. Some of the boards contain too much iron, dirt, and other impurities, which are not suitable for cutting with lasers. In addition, some panels are not dense enough. Now several kinds of laser cutting machine can cut the types of MDF board, poplar wood, a Aosong washing board. The best Aosong board.
Q: how thick is the laser cutting machine?
Answer: the thickness of the laser cut density board is related to the laser power. The greater the laser power, the thicker the density of the plate to be cut. Commonly used MDF thickness of 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and so on.
Question: what is the speed of cutting?
Answer: the thickness of laser cutting density board and laser power, as well as the thickness of the plate. Cut the same thickness of the same density board laser, the greater the power, the faster the cutting speed.
Cutting 12mm 150 Watt laser Aosong board at a rate of 7 mm -12 mm per second;
Cutting 12mm 280 watt laser Aosong board speed per second 16 mm -25 mm; cutting 12mm 1000 Watt laser Aosong board speed per second 20 mm -40 mm.
Q: can laser cutting machine draw lines on the surface of MDF?
Answer: yes.
Q: what's the speed of the line?
Answer: laser cutting machine line speed and the structure of the machine itself is related, generally speaking, every second 100 millimeters -500 mm between. There are some limitations of the mechanical structure of the machine itself. It is possible to draw line speed and the idle speed will be limited to 100 millimeters per second.
Q: what is the width of cutting gap when cutting the density board with laser?
Answer: it is related to the size of the laser spot and the focal length of the focusing mirror, and whether the cutting surface is related to the focus. The greater the laser power, the greater the facula, the greater the gap. Which power is most suitable for this point, we have done a detailed comparison and research, you can contact the customer service and consultation.
Question: what is the thickness of a line when it is painted on the surface?
Answer: and laser power, focusing lens focal length, whether in focus, laser brand and so on.
Q: why do I use laser cutting machines to paint lines with uneven thickness?
Answer: a situation is that the machine itself platform uneven or cut plate uneven, resulting in laser head distance cutting, surface height change. Another kind of laser is unstable in power and weak in output.
Q: why do I cut the MDF in some places cut through some places cut through?
Answer: this situation generally occurs in small power laser cutting machine above. When the cutting density board 150 Watt laser light path, if not adjusted or no leveling machine platform will appear this kind of circumstance, the laser used for a period of time after power down, will also be the case.
Q: why does my machine cut the density board very dark and wipe off the powder badly?
Answer: there is a relationship between the density and plate material, plate material or other recommended for Aosong. When the laser cutting plate Aosong not only cutting speed, and density board itself is high density, laser ablation surface after oil to form a natural protective film. The surface is easy to wipe and damp proof.
Q: why does my machine cut a small hole in the density cutting surface?
Answer: sheet itself density is low.
Q: why is the cutting surface of my machine not straight?
Answer: machine light path is not adjusted, need to readjust light again. The machine surface is uneven and re leveling.
Q: why is the cutting density of my machine not completely cut and the bottom is stuck?
Answer: machine power down, need to replace the new laser; laser light path is not adjusted, re dimming; density plate material; machine platform re leveling;
Said so much, we must have a laser cutting machine cutting density board has further understanding.

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