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Main advantages of laser welding

Source:   Time:2016-04-01   Edit:SunyLaser

  The main advantages of laser welding are: 

     1、Fast speed, large depth, small deformation. 

     2、Can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, and the equipment is simple and easy to be welded. For example, the laser beam will not be offset by the electromagnetic field, the laser can be applied in the vacuum, air and some gas environment, and can be welded by glass or transparent material. 

     3、Difficult to weld materials such as titanium, quartz, etc., and can apply to the opposite sex material, the effect is good. 

     4、Laser focus, high power density, high power devices in the welding, the depth to width ratio of up to 5:1, up to 10:1. 

     5、Micro welding can be carried out. After focusing the laser beam can obtain a small spot, and can accurately positioning, can be applied to large quantities of automatic production of micro, small workpiece welding. 

     6、Difficult to be close to the welding parts, the implementation of non - contact distance welding, with great flexibility. Especially in recent years, in the YAG laser processing technology using the optical fiber transmission technology, so that laser welding technology has been more widely spread and application. 

     7、The laser beam is easy to realize the light beam in time and space, and can be processed at the same time and multi station processing, which provides the condition for the more precise welding.

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