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How to guarantee the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine?

Source:   Time:2012-04-30   Edit:Sun Jiguang

    In the use of laser cutting machine in the process, how to ensure the quality of cutting? Xu Yang laser to remind you that the cutting speed / focus position adjustment / assistant gas pressure / laser output power and workpiece characteristics are several main influencing factors of laser cutting quality.
The influence of cutting speed on the cutting quality
    For a given laser power density and the material, cutting speed corresponds to a type of experience, as long as in above threshold, material cutting speed and laser power density is proportional to, that is, to increase power density can improve the cutting speed. The power density mentioned here is not only related to the output power of the laser, but also related to the beam quality mode. In addition, the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, the size of the laser beam after focusing, also has a great influence on the laser cutting.
Two, focus on the impact of the location of the cutting quality
    Because the laser power density has a great influence on the cutting speed, the choice of the focal length of the lens is an important problem. Laser beam focus spot size and focal length is proportional to, beams through a short focal length lens focusing spot size is very small, focused power density is high, of material cutting is good; but its disadvantage is focal depth is very short, margin adjustment is small, is generally more applicable in high-speed cutting thin type material. Due to the long focal length lens with wide focal depth, with enough power density, suitable for cutting thick workpiece.
Three, the effect of auxiliary gas pressure on the cutting quality
    In general, cutting materials are required to use the auxiliary gas, the problem mainly involves type and auxiliary gas pressure. Usually, the auxiliary gas and laser beam coaxial jet, protect the lens from pollution and blow away the cutting area at the bottom of the slag. The use of compressed air or inert gases to remove melted and evaporated materials, while suppressing the excessive combustion of the cutting area.
Four, the output power of the laser cutting quality

    For the continuous wave output of the laser, the laser power size and mode will have an important impact on the cutting. In actual operation, the maximum power is often set to obtain a higher cutting speed, or to be used for cutting thick materials. But sometimes the beam mode becomes more and more important, and when to increase the output power, often with slight variation pattern. Can often be found in less than the maximum power of the focus is to obtain the highest power density, and obtain the best cutting quality. During the laser effective life, mode is not consistent. Optical element, laser gas mixture of subtle changes and flow fluctuations, will affect the pattern of organization.

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