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Fiber laser marking machine


  • Introduction
  • Configure
  • Characteristic
  • Parameter
  • Material
  • Industry
  • Fiber laser marking machine is the third generation laser marking machine system developed by our company, which apply the most advanced laser technology in the world. Laser output by fiber laser, then the marking function is realized by the ultra-high speed scanning vibrating mirror system, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, Cooling by air cooling, small overall dimension, good output beam quality, high reliability, long running life, energy saving, can engrave metallic materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in the demanding fields of depth, smoothness and precision, can be used in conjunction with different production lines and custom conveyor belts and other automated production lines, marking speed is 3-12 times faster than the traditional first generation lamp pump marking machine and the second generation semiconductor marking machine.
  • Using the solid fiber laser, electro-optic conversion efficiency is up to 60% and excellent beam quality M2<1.4, the excellent beam quality creates the ultra fine marking effect.Using the original SCANLAB scanning head, high marking speed, which is over 4 times than the ordinary CO2 and semiconductor marking machine, so as to save you expensive labor costs. Fiber laser’s lifespan is longer than 100000 hours, if it works 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, its life is more than 12 years, no consumables and maintenance free. The whole power is only 500W, using the built-in air-cooled cooling mode, abandoned the bulky and troublesome water cooling units, and even can use 24V battery to supply power, really convenient and energy-saving. The light spot pattern of fiber laser marking machine is very good, thinner single line, suitable for ultra fine processing, with high precision bitmap software, you can make good photo effects. Simple and easy to use, no need optical adjustment or maintenance, compact structure, high system integration, less failure, anti shock vibration, anti dust. Environmentally friendly marking, color never fade, in compliance with RoHS standards. The optical isolator can effectively shield the reflected light, which can be used as optional accessory for the newest fiber laser marking machine, it can operate on gold, silver, copper, aluminum, silicon, and materials with highlighted and Highly reflective surfaces , no need to deviate from the center of the mirror field, greatly broaden the application field.
  • Technical parameter



     repeat frequency rate


    Laser wavelength


    Laser Mode 


    min width 


    Minimum character 


    marking speed

    0~12000 mm/s(Adjustable) 

    marking  depth

    0.002 mm~0.4mm 

    Machining range


    Repeat accuracy


    Machine power


    Power supply

    AC 220V ±10% 50Hz 

    working temperature


    relative humidity


    Service life

    100000 hours

  • phone cover


    number mark



  • Applicable materials: Various metals (stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, rare metals, alloy, etc.) and nonmetals, high hardness alloy, oxide, engineering plastics, electroplating coating materials, spraying materials, printing ink, ABS, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin and so on. Applicable industries: Phone buttons, plastic buttons pervious to light, electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, signs, sanitary ware, hardware products, accessories of tools, precision machinery,spectacles,clocks and watches, jewelry, auto accessories, luggage buckle, cutting tools, locksets, cookers, stainless steel products, PVC pipe, medical equipments and other industries.
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