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Suny-1390 automatic lifting laser cutting machine


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  • Characteristic
  • Parameter
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  • SUNY-1390 laser engraving machine is one big model with multifunction and high-configuration which is developed for European and American market, this model use imported linear guideway, with auto up and down worktable, ball screw, high-accuracy operation, and have red dot pointer, auto focus, rotary devices etc, meet the customers’needs on the high-performance laser engraving machine.
  • A. the United States imported fully stepper motor and drive system
    B.SUNYLASER control system
    C. foreign imports six balanced linear guide rail
    D.USB2.0 double transmission
    E. Chinese and English liquid crystal display, user-friendly button panel
    F. domestic laser matching
    G. optical system using laser Singapore imports all lenses
    H. high strength stainless steel iron honeycomb base plate
    I. chassis integration structure
    J. supports U disk download data
  • 1 the optimal cutting path, the shortest path can work, save time, improve the efficiency of
    2 Chinese / English large screen LCD display, users can randomly access a document storage, convenient
    3 system transfer graphics data, a simple layout editor (such as zoom, rotate, copy, etc.)
    4 output data can be layered on each layer, you can define the output, output speed, laser method (engraving, cutting), and for each of the definition of automatically save parameters
    5 images can be carved, for line drawing, cutting and engraving, sculpture and precision, can establish the correct vector
    6.USB data transmission, can also U disk operation, convenient operation, fast
  • Control system DSP control system
    Laser type Sealed carbon dioxide glass laser tube
    Working area 1400×800mm
    Working platform Cellular platform
    laser power 60W、80W、 100W、150W 、130W(Matching)
    Interface USB connection (working at XP Windows, Vista, 2000, 7)
    Memory storage 64MB buffer memory
    driving system Stepper motor
    auxiliary equipment Exhaust fan, exhaust duct
    Laser tube life 3000 hours above / 10000 hours running
    Repeat accuracy ±0.05mm
    Cooling mode Forced water cooling and protection system
    Maximum speed 600mm engraving, cutting 300mm / S
    working voltage 50 / 10% / 220±AC 110V 60HZ
    Power < 1250W
    working temperature The results show that the degree of C (32 degrees - 113 degrees F)
    Working humidity 5% - 95%
    control software Genuine sunylaser software
    Compatible software Auto CAD、CoreIDRAW X2、X3、X4、PS Image processing software, etc.
    resolving power User controlled 100-500dpi (standard mode), up to 1000dpi (high resolution)
    Outline dimension 1950×1360×1150mm
    Weight 310KG
  • This product is suitable for wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo products, such as non metal materials.













  • This machine is suitable for leather garment, cloth toys, computer embroidery and clipping, electronic and electrical appliances, clothing the drilling template, model, arts and crafts, advertisement decoration, printing and packaging, paper products, such as industry.
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