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Suny-CO2 laser marking machine (60w/80w/100w optional)


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  • Configure
  • Characteristic
  • Parameter
  • Material
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  • SUNYLAER R$D CO2 laser marking machine’s configurations are extremely high-grade, use full set of CO2 laser generators, high-speed option scanner system and beam expander focus system, high stability anti-interference industrial computer intelligent control system, high precision up and down worktable, it is widely used in the fields of jeans、leathers, crafts and more fields with its technology leadership、products mature、superior performance、good quality and competitive price.
  • Can be highly adapted to the harsh environment of the industrial computer
    U.S. imports of high-speed scanning mirror
    U.S. imports of radio frequency lasers
    United States imported lens and beam expanding system
  • Imported from the United States radio frequency laser, life 20 thousand hours
    High precision, high speed marking performance, marking a clear, firm and permanent
  • Maximum laser output power 30W/50W/100W(Matching)
    Laser Imported radio frequency laser
    Laser repetition rate 20
    Aiming beam Red light, wavelength 635nm, 3MW
    Laser wavelength 10.64um
    response time 0.8ms
    Marking area 50mm*50mm-300mm*300mm(Optional)
    Marking depth 4mm
    Standard line speed 7000mm/s
    Minimum character 0.4mm
    Minimum line width 0.1mm
    Repeat accuracy 0.001mm
    Input power 1.2kw
    Power requirements 220V/single-phase、50Hz/8A
    Cooling mode Water cooled / air cooled
  • The machine is of wide application, can be carved most of the non-metallic materials: paper, leather, wood, plastics, organic glass, fabric, acrylic, bamboo and wood, rubber, crystal, jade, ceramics, glass and artificial stone and so on.





    plastic cement


  • Used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell plates, craft gifts, electronic components, such as leather industry
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