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MINI6040 laser cutting machine


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  • Dongguan Xu Yang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. after a period of research and development, MINI640 type of laser cutting machine finally successfully launched into the market, in put into the market for a few months, the customer is very good response, many customers gradually add to the machine. 640 laser cutting machine is an economical and applicable machine, she broke the traditional laser equipment expensive defects, without changing the machine configuration on the basis of the whole equipped with imported guide rail, imported motor, imported lenses.
  • South Korea imports six balanced linear guide rail
    United States ray stepper motor
    United States ray drive
    Singapore optical system
    Japan imported transmission belt
    Embedded Samsung 128M memory
    2.0U disk interface
    New generation master card
    in Chinese and English 50W Chinese Academy of science and the development of laser tube
    High performance laser power supply
    Xu Yang new software development system
    Taiwan switching power supply
    Guangzhou wind system
    Zhongshan air compressor
  • 1 imported square linear guide, life can reach more than 20 years
    2. Optical lens using high strength Gold silicon and aspheric focusing lens such that the lens resistant paint, high temperature resistant, does not need to be replaced frequently, greatly reducing the use cost, non spherical lens focusing small diameter, better cutting effect < br / > 3 towline imported from Germany
    4 all the optical frame has a simple structure, convenient adjustment, easy maintenance of
    lens 5 using DSP motion control system, running smooth, fast computing speed
    6 modular design, installation, anti-interference ability, easy to repair and replacement parts
    7 emergency stop switch. You can quickly turn off the power supply
    8 filter to improve the anti-interference performance of the machine
    9 DC switching power supply
    10 universal wheel base rubber is used to facilitate the adjustment and stability of the machine
    11 install the U.S. import chip driver
    12 unique "side blowing" system to effectively protect the laser head, so that the maintenance of the laser head is more convenient
    13 mechanical structure optimization design, the overall shape of the smallest size, not only to save your valuable space, but also the structure of the deformation of high precision engraving
    13 direction before and after the whole material can be Banfang, without cutting
    14 through CE, FDA certification
    Graphic format: BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, AI
    High speed cutting function:
    Red light positioning function: you can choose
    Offline output function:
    Layered output function:
    Air cooling functions:
    Before and after the material function:
    Foot switch function: optional

    : optional telephoto lens Open cover protection:
    Emergency stop switch:
  • Laser type Domestic CO2 laser
    laser power 50W
    Working area 600*400mm
    Engraving speed 0-1500mm/s
    Cutting speed 0-800mm/s
    Repeat accuracy ±0.05mm
    Motion system CNC control system
    Cooling mode Forced water cooling and protection system
    working voltage 220±10% 50/60HZ
    Power 1250w
    working temperature 0℃-45℃
    Working humidity 5%-95%
    control software Genuine sunylaser software
    Support format BMP,PLT,AI,DXF,DST,JPG,CDR,HPGL
    Compatible software Auto CAD,CoreIDraw
    Outline dimension 1070*770*51(mm)
    Weight 130KG
  • Wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo and non metallic materials.




    Acrylic cutting

    Plate cutting

    Garment cutting

  • This machine is used for embroidery, leather products, bamboo and wood products, electronic and electrical appliances, model, arts and crafts, advertisement decoration, printing and packaging, paper products, such as industry.
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