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Suny-1260T double head laser cutting machine


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  • Suny-1260T double head laser cutting machine is in single head based, for enterprises to reduce costs, improve production efficiency and design of manufacturing a multi head laser cutting machine, by double laser, dual power, efficiency doubled, the characteristics of the largest effective processing format 1200mm*600mm is into sports a plate without also opens the material equivalent to two 600MM*400MM laser cutting machine and working.
  • A. the United States imported stepper motor and drive system
    B.SUNYLASER control system
    C. uses the foreign import six balanced linear guide rail
    D. dual transmission mode for the USB2.0 port
    Devin E. in the UK, the liquid crystal display, user-friendly button control panel
    F. domestic laser (80/100/120/130/150/170W) matching
    G. optical system uses all imported laser lens
    H. high strength stainless steel honeycomb base plate
    I. chassis integration structure
    J. supports U disk download data
  • A special mechanical structure, the laser head position can be adjusted, can also be the first single, convenient operation
    The latest xuyo operating software, power can control two of the first laser, the two laser cutting head is fully consistent results
    High power laser, and equipped with a full import of dual optical system, the maximum reduction of the loss of light, to ensure that the cutting depth of the same
    The host is equipped with Samsung 128M memory, can save a plurality of processing documents
  • Laser type Domestic CO2 laser
    laser power


    Working area 1200*600mm
    Engraving speed 0-1500mm/s
    Cutting speed 0-800mm/s
    Repeat accuracy ±0.05mm
    Motion system CNC control system
    Cooling mode Forced water cooling and protection system
    working voltage 220±10% 50HZ
    Power 1250W
    working temperature 0℃-45℃
    Working humidity 5%-95%
    control software Genuine sunylaser software
    Support format BMP,PLT,AI,DXF,DST
    Outline dimension 1750*1360*1150mm
    Weight 280KG
  • Suitable for wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo products, such as non metallic materials





    Cloth section

    Garment cutting

  • Suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, electronic appliances, models, crafts, advertising, decoration, packaging, printing, paper products and other industries
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